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Segway Tours
Western Australia

Segway Tours are here in Western Australia. It’s exhilarating, fun and exciting; an unforgettable experience!

Its the best fun you'll have standing up

Imagine cruising effortlessly around the areas of West Australia whilst developing an insight into the historical and geographical attractions on an exciting guided tour.  Fascinating stories, fantastic photo opportunities and superb personal service from our entertaining guides will ensure a memorable experience.

The Segway is the first of its kind: a self-balancing, personal transportation device that’s designed to operate in any pedestrian environment.

It’s new, it’s cool and tons of fun!

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Authorised Segway Tours

Segway Authorised Tours meet our high standards for providing customers a safe and memorable experience and are recognized as providing the highest quality tour in their area. All of our Segway Authorised Tour operators deliver the utmost in safety and training - providing fun instruction, smaller guide-to-glider ratio, and in-depth knowledge of technical and practical usage.

Benefits of taking a Segway Authorised tour

  • Tour operators have the latest Segway product information and training
  • Tours follow Segway recommended safety guidelines promoting a smooth and safe experience
  • Smaller guide-to-glider ratio enables more personal attention
  • Tours are pedestrian-friendly and conform to all local regulations


If you would like advise on how to become a Segway authorised tours operator involving the Segway PT and how to start and run this fun business in Western Australia, please contact us on



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